Progress on Books 2 and 3 and the Triology

I submitted The Lost Song Trilogy to my publisher on Thursday FINALLY!  We’ll see what they think.

Last night I sent in my first round of edits for The Wayfarer’s Road. The publication date has been set for August 6.

And the edits for Warrior Women are in the works. The publication date for that one is November 5, but may be fast-tracked if there is an opening.

Of course, I’m mourning the end of The Lost Song—not because it’s sad but because I’m having to say farewell to those characters while I move on to another series.  I find that I just get really weepy after I finish one of these books. Though there will probably be at least two more books coming in the series later on, I really needed to end the story here for now because I need to change the voice I use for the next series. It will be a modern woman timewarped into a future agrarian society. Her speech and attitudes are so different from these folks, though some she meets may have the same speech patterns as those in The Bowdancer Saga.

I will be posting progress on that series at my other blog and will refer folks there from here. Also, I’ll be doing some interviews later of some authors whose work I’m fond of so you will get posts about that too.


~ by thebowdancersaga on May 21, 2010.

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  1. Awesome and congrats!

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