The Buzz about The Wayfarer’s Road

Here’s what authors are saying about The Wayfarer’s Road, the second book in The Bowdancer Saga.

“There are few things more pleasant, after doing battle with the real world, than to sit down in the company of a talented storyteller and allow yourself to be carried away into another world. Janie Franz’s rustic tale, “The Wayfarer’s Road,” book #2 of the Bowdancer Saga, does just that. There is great comfort immersing yourself in a mystical world not your own, and Ms. Franz is an excellent guide. The tale of the bowdancer Jan-nell, her precocious daughter, Mira-nell, and the mysterious troubadour Khrin, draws the reader in and holds him/her closely until the end. I look forward to the next in the series.”— Doren Grey, author of the Dick Hardesty mystery series and the new paranormal Elliott Smith mystery series.

“Set amid a clash of cultures and gender, Janie Franz paints an enchanting story of creating alternative families. When three outcasts – a woman warrior, her precocious daughter, and a gay troubadour – are inexorably drawn together to escape the brutality of men on the Wayfarer’s road, a journey begins that will sweep the reader along with them. These memorable characters and their passage to something beyond themselves will stay with you a long time.” — Alan Chin, author of Island Song and The Lonely War.

“A charming tale of love and acceptance.  The Wayfarer’s Road reminds us that the things we seek are sometimes found in the unlikeliest of places.” – Stuart Clark, author of Project U.L.F and Project U.L.F: Reacquisition.

AND here’s a new one about The Bowdancer…..

The Bowdancer. In a word: OUTSTANDING!

I found the story, characters and setting so appealing, I read it in one sitting. . . The well-crafted descriptions and unique observations are going to make Janie Franz a frequently quoted and much purloined author.

She does such a good job of putting us inside the head of her protagonist that I found myself almost being the bowdancer. Even so, I was only rarely able to anticipate her actions or thoughts. A good story offers surprises, but not so often, or of such a departure from what is to be expected, as to be distracting. The Bowdancer has just the right blend. It is mildly unpredictable so that the story line is easily assimilated; yet the reader is always unsure of what is to come. The result is a compelling freshness that keeps one reading.

I was impressed also with the deceptively easy manner in which the author creates the world of the bowdancer. The reader acclimatizes to this strange new land little by little as each new construct is unobtrusively slipped into place. Janie Franz’s mastery of the language has us welcoming each revelation of detail with the ease of one accepting a treat offered by a beloved friend without interrupting the conversation.  

All novels disappoint: some because the ending is so long in coming, others because they end at all. The Bowdancer is definitely among the latter.

I look forward to a continuation of The Bowdancer, or to any other work Janie Franz has to offer.” –Jerry Troxel, author of Jack and Jerry Bike to Alaska


~ by thebowdancersaga on March 29, 2010.

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  1. Thank you for this review,Looking forward to the next saga.

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