EXCITING NEWS–The Wayfarer’s Road, Book Trailer, next books

I just got word yesterday that the second book in The Bowdancer Saga , The Wayfarer’s Road, is headed for the editors. We are expecting a Spring Release for this one and I am very excited.  And we are working with the Art Department in creating a wonderful new cover.

Also, to herald the new book and the series, we are hoping to have the book trailer up at YouTube and other places at the end of March. If you recall, I’ve been working with Chris O’Brien of the Minneapolis band, Enchanted Ape, on the music for the trailer. He’s brought in Matthew Probst, an electric cello player, who used to be in the  band and who played cello on their albums.  Chris wrote me: “Matthew has composed a full orchestral string part for the song.  He recorded 30  interwoven parts on his cello, and sent me a rough mix of it…. I gotta say, his addition is pretty amazing.”

The song is called “Meadowsweet.” It’s named after one of the herbs Jan-nell uses in The Wayfarer’s Road and in the next two books.

The third book, Warrior Women, will be submitted this coming week and we should hear about it in the coming weeks. By that time, I hope to have The Last Song finished. This last novel is turning into an epic so be patient about it. I love it and I think it will be worth the wait.

I’m already setting up slots for the next virtual book tour in the summer, though there will be periodic guest spots coming up. This tour will focus on more details about the series and the books that will be available then.  And we’ll be offering some very different incentives.

So, stay tuned.


~ by thebowdancersaga on March 6, 2010.

One Response to “EXCITING NEWS–The Wayfarer’s Road, Book Trailer, next books”

  1. What exciting news!!!!!!

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