Virtual Book Tour News

I have a busy two-weeks ahead. I am being featured on several blog sites on a two-week virtual book tour. The tour is through Novel Works ( ). Marta Stephens has been so gracious to help me put this all together. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness and insights.

2/22/10 Interview on Novel Works –

2/23/10 “The Changing Market of E-books” on Book Madness –  

2/24/10 “My Writing Journey” on Novel Works – topic   

2/25/10 Author Interview on A. F. Stewart’s Blog

2/26/10 Midwest Book Review of The Bowdancer on Novel Works 

2/27/10 “Falling in Love with Your Characters” here at:

2/28/10 Drawing for a free copy of The Bowdancer and an autographed cover

3/1/10 Interview with Jan-nell from the Bowdancer Saga on Novel Works

3/2/10 Live interview by Kim Smith on Introducing Writers – Blogtalk Radio

 3/3/10  “The Virtual Book Tour Experience”  here at:

 3/4/10  A. F. Stewart’s review of The Bowdancer on A. F. Stewart’s Blog

 3/5/10 Review and Interview on  Penny Ehrenkranz’s blog, One Writer’s Journey

3/6/10 “Jan-nell the Bowdancer’s Conflicts Color her Goals and Motivations” on Susan Whitfield’s Blog

3/7/20 Drawing for a free copy of The Bowdancer and an autographed cover

Come find out more about The Bowdancer, the book that launched the series, and more about her continuing story.


~ by thebowdancersaga on February 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Virtual Book Tour News”

  1. I went to high school with the author and remember her as a very talented writer then.She contributed a great deal to our High School’s Creative writing venue,Very proud of my fellow classmate.I look forward to reading her many works of masterpiece!!

  2. Interesting article. I laughed at why the romance writer couldn’t finish her story!

  3. Pat, Glad you stopped by. You were the first to leave a comment here. It’s good to reconnect!

    Karen, I, too, laughed about that writer’s response about her two gay characters! Thanks for stopping by

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