The Saga Continues

Sometimes a crisis becomes a blessing. I’ve been plagued with internet and computer problems since before Christmas. I took advantage of the down time to finish the second Bowdancer book, The Wayfarer’s Road, and the third one, Warrior Women.  I’m just beginning to edit them. These two books take place during the same timeframe (or relatively), so they should be edited together anyway. 

My publisher is eagerly expecting them. Once they make the rounds of the publisher’s editors, The Wayfarer’s Road will be released, hopefully in the next couple of months.  Warrior Women will follow. We’ll see what my publisher’s timeframe is.

I’m really excited about the writing. Since I’ve had to deal with my other writing life and start looking at marketing the first book, I have been away from the writing for a few days.  I miss it so much! AND I miss the characters.

I still pinch myself when I think that I’m published, much less be a romance writer.  And I never thought I’d be crying over what I wrote. But, boy, was I surprised!

Do you remember the beginning of the movie, Romancing the Stone, where the romance writer is bawling over her typewriter and she can’t find any tissues?  Well, I bawled during the last four chapters of Warrior Women. In fact, I cried off and on the last couple of days because I missed these women so much! They became so real to me.

But my grown daughter, out of whose mouth often comes wisdom about the arts, said to me:  “Mom, you can always write spin-off stories about these women–if you didn’t kill them off!”

So, wheels are turning for a book I didn’t intend to write….Well, actually, Warrior Women was a book I had no clue was there until I wrote The Wayfarer’s Road.  I have begun The Lost Song , which will become the fourth book of the saga. 

In the meantime, I’ll be mounting a virtual book tour in February and March. Watch for details.


~ by thebowdancersaga on January 24, 2010.

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