The Bowdancer Saga Bundle

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In 2015, MuseItUp Publishing reissued the first three bowdancer books with new covers and another editorial pass. These books were bundled at the end of last year for a special price that we are still running for a few more weeks.

Check them out here:





For those of you who want individual ebooks with the beautiful new covers, you can get them at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, MuseItUp, Scribd, Omnilit, and many other ebook vendors.

Here are the new covers. Cora Graphics in Italy did these spectacular new ones, and I’m just thrilled!

The Bowdancer 200x300

The Bowdancer, the first book of The Bowdancer Saga



The Wayfarer’s Road, book 2 of The Bowdancer Saga


Warrior Women, book 3 of The Bowdancer Saga

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For those of you who are new to the Bowdancer Saga, here’s a podcast from Kim Smith’s Introducing Writers on BlogTalk Radio. This book will be re-issued early 2014 by MuseItUp Publishing.

Coda Is Now Available

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coda1600x2400 [800x600]





The long awaited ending to The Lost Song trilogy, Coda, is now available at MuseItUp Publishing.

If you missed the first two books, you can find them all here:

Coda: The Last Book of The Lost Song Trilogy Coming in Nov

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Coda, the last book in The Lost Song Trilogy, will be out in November from Muse It Up Publishing.

We have finished edits on The Bowdancer, the novelette that started the Bowdancer Saga. It will have a new cover and, hopefully, a new logo for the series. That little book will be out on the coattails of Coda.

We hope to start edits on The Wayfarer’s Road soon and then Warrior Women after that.

As soon as the cover for Coda is approved, you’ll be the first to see it.

In addition, if you’d like firsthand news about the Bowdancer Saga and new books coming (yes, there will be more adventures of Jan-nell and her family and friends), please send an email to We will be launching our brand new Bowdancer Apprentices Circle. If you join, you’ll be able to help with getting the word out on your blogs and in real time appearance. AND you may be able to become one of the Saga Reviewers. Email for details.

Happy Reading

The Lost Song Refrain

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Coming soon this spring: The Lost Song Refrain.

I’m in content edits for book five of The Bowdancer Saga. Line edits will be coming soon.

My publisher has set a March 2013 release date.

Will post a picture of the new book cover as soon as I see get it.

The Lost Song Verses

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Book 4 in the Bowdancer Saga has been released by MuseItUp Publishing.

The Lost Song Verses is available for fans following Jan-nell and her exploration of her world.

Eleven summers after Jan-nell the bowdancer left her daughter Mira-nell with the sisterhood of hunters on the mountain and came to live with Khrin to raise their son, Bearin, she is called by the sisterhood to find their origins.

The first clue is a bit of song Jan-nell learns at the deathbed of the oldest woman in the sisterhood’s village. Jan-nell and her companions seek the origins of the mysterious women on the mountain through the verses of a song.

Master hunter Bekar and master trackfinder Chandro accompany Jan-nell and Bearin on a quest for the lost song that takes them from their local inn across the landscape of their world as they meet bee spinners and kings and risk their lives to achieve their goal.

Get Ready The Lost Song Trilogy is Coming…..

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The first installment in The Lost Song Trilogy is going into edits very soon. The book should be out early in 2012 by MuseItUp Publishing. We’ll give you a teaser with the book cover as soon as I have it in my hot little hands.

This will be book 4 in the Bowdancer Saga for all of you who have read the first three books from Breathless Press.

Stay tuned.

The Bowdancer Saga Has a New Home

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I just got word today from Muse It Up Publishing that they will be picking up The Lost Song trilogy, books 5, 6, and 7 in the sequence of The Bowdancer Saga. I’m waiting now for the paperwork.

This is exciting news because Muse It Up has been so very good to give this series a careful reading and to offer it a new home. What this means is that Muse It Up will be able to offer The Lost Song trilogy as both an ebook and a printed version. In addition, they are very eager to offer more of Jan-nell the bowdancer’s adventures. This couldn’t have come a better time.

We are preparing a huge book launch event here in Grand Forks November 5, 2010 when Warrior Women, book three of the saga, is released by Breathless Press. We will be scheduling a number of events that day to celebrate. We are excited about having Chris O’Brien and his band Enchanted Ape and Matthew Probst and his band Gypsy Lumberjacks on the stage at the Crosstown Lounge that evening at 10 pm. Chris and Matt wrote the music for the first two Bowdancer book trailers and are busy writing the soundtrack for Warrior Women. They will be rolling up their sleeves for The Lost Song trilogy as well. (In addition Chris has expressed interest in writing music for the Ruins trilogy and for Sugar Magnolia which will be out next year from Muse It Up.)

Chris and I will be appearing on local radio and doing a couple of public readings with music.


The Wayfarer’s Journey Is Released

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The second book in The Bowdancer Saga was released Aug 6, and I’ve been doing a virtual blog tour with some of my fellow authors at Breathless Press. It’s Breathless Press’ First Birthday this month. We’ve arranged a blog round robin and a couple of mass blogs and a chat.

Please note that I will be hosting authors at a new adult blog because of the explicit nature of some of the excerpts from these other authors.  It is called Desire and Craving and can be found here:

 Below is a schedule of the stops:

Aug 1-5 Gina Gordon at Tara Nichols’ blog (

Aug 5 Abby Wood at her blog (

Aug 6-9 Honoria at Tara Nichols’ blog (

Aug 6 Janie Franz at Dark Cravings ( Janie’s release day, Honoria’s release day

Aug 6 Janie Franz at Book Cover Lovers ( Janie’s release day, Honoria’s release day

Aug 6 Honoria at Writing on the River’s Edge (Janie’s Blog)  Janie’s release day, Honoria’s release day

Aug 8 Moved to Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (

 Aug 9 Janie Franz at Berengaria Brown’s blog (

Aug 9 Berengaria Brown at Fiona Vance’s blog (

Aug 10 Janie Franz at Abby’s blog (

Aug 11-16 Janie Franz at Tara Nichols’ blog (

Aug 11 Sheila at Selene’s blog (

Aug 12 Abby as Debra at her Debra blog (

Aug 12 Janie Franz at Ambrielle’s blog (

Aug 12 Mary Corrales at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (

Aug 13 Janie Franz at Debra’s blog (

Aug 15 BP CHAT at Romance Books R Us (Marianne’s site)3pm-9pm ET, Must join to participate 

Aug 16 BP Blog Party at BP Blog (

Aug 17 Janie Franz at Gina Gordon’s Blog (

Aug 18 Tentative Janie Franz at Selene Noreen (

Aug 18 Shiela Stewart at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (

Aug 22 Ambrielle Kirk at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (

Aug 23 Shiela at Gina Gordon’s blog (

Aug 27 Berengaria at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (

 Aug 27 Berengaria at Ambrielle’s blog ( Berengaria’s release day

 Aug 28 BP Blog Party at Romance Books R Us (Marianne’s site) Must join to participate 

Aug 31 Ambrielle Kirk at Book Book Cover Lovers (

Aug 31 Ambrielle Kirk at Dark Cravings (

Sometimes the Universe Steps In

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Sometimes the Universe steps in.  After much discussion with my publisher and the acquisition editor, I am rethinking what to do with The Lost Song Trilogy.  Though a simple story, the books have broader themes that may be more suitable for a different publisher. In fact, it was suggested I look for a Chic Lit publisher. 

Though flattered, I wondered about that distinction.  Yet, I have never thought I was a regular romance writer.  A crossroads like this always makes you doubt your ability and whether you have something to say.  But when I was faced with cutting the trilogy by half, I examined what I was trying to do and realized that I would sacrifice much in order to be published. Then, it became clear there was something else at work here that was bigger than me.

I looked again at Kim Clune’s insightful review of The Bowdancer, and was once more humbled by her words. (If you wish to read it, here’s the link: ) Kim understood the nuances of the story and why I have been so enamored by who Jan-nell is. The Lost Song continues the story begun in The Bowdancer, the tale of a village healer who keeps looking for belonging and family, and her further experiences in The Wayfarer’s Road and Warrior Women–all by the same publisher.

But The Lost Song explores more than exotic landscapes and sexual delights that this particular publisher is producing.  And there is an eager market out there for it.  And for awhile I thought I was producing that kind of material, but I wasn’t.  As Jan-nell searches for belonging, she is continuing a spiritual awakening that her training as a bowdancer had only begun and that is tied to a sexual awakening.  Her  encounters with foreign cultures and beliefs show her deeper connections to strangers that she felt to kin in her village.  There is strong feminism within the saga that includes men who are equals. There is a respect for other cultures and an awareness that teachers come in all forms–even in the minds of the young.  In addition, there is also an dark look into cruelty that is shaped by belief.

So, I’m shopping for a new home for the trilogy. I have it under consideration with another publisher now, but I  may still need to look further.  And I may need to do a lot of work on it.  Though I don’t know what the outcome will be, I stand by my story.

But for some reason, this shaking up of my world made me realize that this was a strong message from the Universe to move forward.  The Bowdancer Saga has been a very unusual journey for me.  When the first book was published, I asked, “Why this one? Why not something else I had in a drawer?” And the answer that came not only from other writer friends but also from somewhere deep inside my spirit was that this was the correct one to begin my life as a published novelist. As the series developed, I found themes that I never thougth of in the original story but tied to it strongly.

And the writing of the next two books and then the trilogy began to influence other books that I wrote and now have pending with other publishers. Currently, I have four other pieces in the hands of two publishers, plus what is happening with The Lost Song.

I have to thank many writer friends who showed me that they could offer many books under different publishing houses because they had different things to say in different forms.  It is just good business to put your work in the hands of experienced folks who know what to do with a particular genre or type of book.

Currently, we are finishing up the final work on The Wayfarer’s Road, the second book in The Bowdancer Saga. It will be out August 6. I’m very excited to have that work read by all of you. I think you’ll like seeing what happened to Jan-nell after she left her village. And I know you’ll enjoy Khrin the wandering bard.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens to The Lost Song and the other work I have pending.