The Bowdancer Saga Bundle

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In 2015, MuseItUp Publishing reissued the first three bowdancer books with new covers and another editorial pass. These books were bundled at the end of last year for a special price that we are still running for a few more weeks.

Check them out here:





For those of you who want individual ebooks with the beautiful new covers, you can get them at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, MuseItUp, Scribd, Omnilit, and many other ebook vendors.

Here are the new covers. Cora Graphics in Italy did these spectacular new ones, and I’m just thrilled!

The Bowdancer 200x300

The Bowdancer, the first book of The Bowdancer Saga



The Wayfarer’s Road, book 2 of The Bowdancer Saga


Warrior Women, book 3 of The Bowdancer Saga

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For those of you who are new to the Bowdancer Saga, here’s a podcast from Kim Smith’s Introducing Writers on BlogTalk Radio. This book will be re-issued early 2014 by MuseItUp Publishing.

Coda Is Now Available

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coda1600x2400 [800x600]





The long awaited ending to The Lost Song trilogy, Coda, is now available at MuseItUp Publishing.

If you missed the first two books, you can find them all here:

Coda: The Last Book of The Lost Song Trilogy Coming in Nov

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Coda, the last book in The Lost Song Trilogy, will be out in November from Muse It Up Publishing.

We have finished edits on The Bowdancer, the novelette that started the Bowdancer Saga. It will have a new cover and, hopefully, a new logo for the series. That little book will be out on the coattails of Coda.

We hope to start edits on The Wayfarer’s Road soon and then Warrior Women after that.

As soon as the cover for Coda is approved, you’ll be the first to see it.

In addition, if you’d like firsthand news about the Bowdancer Saga and new books coming (yes, there will be more adventures of Jan-nell and her family and friends), please send an email to We will be launching our brand new Bowdancer Apprentices Circle. If you join, you’ll be able to help with getting the word out on your blogs and in real time appearance. AND you may be able to become one of the Saga Reviewers. Email for details.

Happy Reading

The Lost Song Refrain

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Coming soon this spring: The Lost Song Refrain.

I’m in content edits for book five of The Bowdancer Saga. Line edits will be coming soon.

My publisher has set a March 2013 release date.

Will post a picture of the new book cover as soon as I see get it.

The Lost Song Verses

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Book 4 in the Bowdancer Saga has been released by MuseItUp Publishing.

The Lost Song Verses is available for fans following Jan-nell and her exploration of her world.

Eleven summers after Jan-nell the bowdancer left her daughter Mira-nell with the sisterhood of hunters on the mountain and came to live with Khrin to raise their son, Bearin, she is called by the sisterhood to find their origins.

The first clue is a bit of song Jan-nell learns at the deathbed of the oldest woman in the sisterhood’s village. Jan-nell and her companions seek the origins of the mysterious women on the mountain through the verses of a song.

Master hunter Bekar and master trackfinder Chandro accompany Jan-nell and Bearin on a quest for the lost song that takes them from their local inn across the landscape of their world as they meet bee spinners and kings and risk their lives to achieve their goal.

Get Ready The Lost Song Trilogy is Coming…..

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The first installment in The Lost Song Trilogy is going into edits very soon. The book should be out early in 2012 by MuseItUp Publishing. We’ll give you a teaser with the book cover as soon as I have it in my hot little hands.

This will be book 4 in the Bowdancer Saga for all of you who have read the first three books from Breathless Press.

Stay tuned.